Professional Supervision

What is Professional Supervision?

It may be easier to explain what Professional Supervision is NOT.  It is not you being judged or reviewed, it is not KPI or goal oriented and it is not something to dread or feel stressed about attending.  Professional Supervision is an opportunity for you to have uninterrupted space in which to reflect on your professional life, pull it apart and discuss anything that is causing you dis-ease or you are not too sure how to approach. Professional supervision is about support and facilitation of your learning.

The functions of Supervision

How can Professional Supervision help you?  Supervision encompasses three key areas within the workplace.

  • The Administrative function – This looks at your accountability around company policies, protocols, ethics and standards within your work environment.
    • Workload  management and/or time management
    • Are you delivering the best of you that you can?
    • Learn how to communicate better with your co-workers
    • Conflict resolution skills development
  • The Educative function – Your ongoing professional skill development
    • Bring forth your skills and passions
    • Creating a strong synergy between your work and who you are
    • Help identify what is holding you back professionally
  • The Supportive function – Tends to the more personal relationship, ensuring that you are supported in areas such as;
    • Creating a stronger, calm and more confident you
    • Help you address feelings of stress, burn-out, low-mood or anger
    • Assertiveness,  and self-confidence
    • Discovering how to move forward in a way that is important to you personally

Supervision Approach IMG_7948-Edit-Edit

My supervision approach is reflective in nature with an added focus on a solution or strength-based practice.

My business background gifted me with strong strategic and business planning skills along with Internal systems optimisation and negotiation skills.  I have ‘tried and tested’ experience in running teams, in project management and problem resolution. I am also a Mindfulness practitioner and like to weave that into my work.  These skills aid my post graduate qualification in Professional Supervision; providing a blend of pragmatic experience with my more holistic approach when supporting others in Supervision.

I believe in supporting the ‘whole’ you, encouraging self-awareness of your emotional and physical state (Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence are the buzz words right now) to aid you in present moment living, while also using the reflection of your past experiences to aid you in becoming who we want to be in the future.  I am extremely passionate about seeing other people live in accordance with who they are meant to be (Authenticity) and together we can achieve growth through examining the relationship between beliefs and behaviors, and your perception of current life situations.

By nature, I am a person of contrasts.  I am known to be a very practical, solutions-focused person, I have a bubbly and lighthearted nature but I am also very reflective and like to know ‘why’.   I hope that you would find my approach relaxed and enriching, but I am also passionate about ensuring that you get to where you want to be in your journey, so I am not always ‘easy’.

I am an employer, what are the benefits to me in having my staff attend Supervision?

One of the big areas of concern for business owners and leaders nowadays is that of mental well-being.

We talk a lot about physical Health & Safety, however, there is a gap around how we support those who are struggling mentally. There is a rise in mental illness in the workplace today, for a number of different contributing factors, and as leaders, there is a need to get better at identifying this and providing the right level of support for our people, as they work through things.

For me, it’s about pre-emptive leadership, before things get to the crisis stage. Professional Supervision provides people the opportunity to sit in a safe and trusted space once every month to discuss whatever is causing them dis-ease; Allowing them to work through the issue, pull it apart and decide how best to move forward.  Because my service is independent your staff feels able to discuss work related issues without the fear of ramifications around confidentiality.

Providing your team members with a service such as this is no longer a luxury but rather a proactive approach to doing business.  Your team is likely to become more focused, more productive with profound effects on the company culture.  Employee retention alone makes this service one that pays for itself, as I’m sure you would agree, losing key staff members is a very real hidden cost in doing businesses.

I am extremely confident that you will value our work together.  I am available for management team supervision and career development in personal, over the phone or via Skype.   I know that I can help. so why don’t you call on +64 22 600 3658 or email today and we can go from there…